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setting logo image / invalid path reported in web page


  • fsantiago1979 started the conversation

    using current self-hosted wordpress v5.2.4 and your theme physio-qt, i have set a logo image under customize > theme options > logo. i see the image on the left hand side customization editor pane but NOT in the site's preview image on the right or in the live site itself. there all i see is the site title. when i right-click the title and select "View image" (in firefox but no difference on other browsers), i see reported a "404 not found" message. but even stranger is the path it's trying to point to, namely:


    i have verified the image is obviously present in my site's media library. and i can assure you also this used to work OK but no more. it spontaneously stopped working, maybe after an update of some component, but not sure when or what. the site is in under construction mode so i can't show it to you without opening it up and i'd rather not if at all possible. please help me. thanks.

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    Barry replied

    Hi there,

    Can you try the following to reset the retina logo option in the theme customizer? That should fix the logo issue.

    1. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Theme Options -> Logo

    2. Add a random image to the "Theme logo retina (2x)" setting

    3. Click the delete button under the "Theme logo retina (2x)" setting to remove the image.

    4. Save the customizer

    Best regards,

  • fsantiago1979 replied

    that worked. thank you. now, do you happen to know what triggered that and if i'll see that happen again? i do have the most current version of your theme as of maybe 1-2 weeks ago (was when i last downloaded it for updating purposes).

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    Barry replied

    Great, I'm glad to hear that.

    It looks like the value of the retina logo option has changed to the "logo@2x.png" value you described in your initial message.

    I just checked the default value of the retina logo option but that setting doesn't have one. If the setting had a default value/image that could be a reason why this happened. So to be honest, I don't have any clue why or how this happened and it should not occur again.

    Best regards,