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    amandatrethewey started the conversation

    Hi there,

    I would like to be able to create an essential grid gallery that opens each image up in lightbox, and then cycle through the images within lightbox using < > arrows. Essential grid photo galleries seem to only allow you to open up each image as another gallery. Please see related URL.

    The reason I want to use Essential Grid for my photo galleries, instead of The Landscaper Theme's built in Portfolio gallery + fancy-box, is that I need pagination for my photo galleries. Essential Grid has pagination. Many of the photo galleries I need to build have 200+ photos, therefore pagination is necessary.

    Otherwise, is there a way to implement pagination within the theme's built in Portfolio galleries? I've checked all settings and it appears not.

    Thanks so much!


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    Barry replied

    Hi Amanda,

    Sure this is possible, let me explain.

    The "View Gallery" button on each thumbnail currently links to the attachment page but to open the image within a lightbox window it has to be linked to the media file.

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Ess. Grid -> Item Skin Editor

    2. Edit the skin you're using for the single gallery grid (by clicking the green cog icon)

    3. Inside the skin editor click on the "View Gallery" button

    4. On the left side click on "Link/SEO" (one of the horizontal tabs)

    5. Set the "Link To" option to "Lightbox"

    6. Save settings

    Please see attached screenshot for step 3 till 6

    7. Navigate to Ess. Grid -> Global Settings

    8. Set "Select LightBox Type:" to "Disable Lightbox" (to not make any conflicts with the lightbox plugin we're using through the theme)

    9. Save settings

    10. Navigate to Settings -> Media

    11. Set the "Autogallery" select field to "All in one Gallery" (one of the last options at the bottom of the page)

    12. Save the settings

    Now your gallery grid should open the images within a lightbox and you should be able to cycle through them with arrow buttons.

    Attached files:  screenshot1.png

    Best regards,

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    amandatrethewey replied

    Thanks Barry, that worked perfectly :)