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Theme isnt working


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    jeffames226 started the conversation

    I purchased this theme and it is NOTHING like the example shown.  There are NO PICTURES, NO MENUS, NO NAVIGATION LINKS, ETC.....NOTHING but a ONE PAGE website with Blog at the top.  I would either like a refund or help to get it working right.

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    Barry replied

    Hi there,

    Thank you for purchasing the Physio WordPress theme.

    This is the initial state of every WordPress theme after activating. Please install all required and recommend plugins via Appearance -> Install Plugins and after you can import the pre built pages via Appearance -> Import Demo Data.

    Please see step 1.2 and 1.3 of our theme documentation here

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Best regards,

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    jeffames226 replied

    Ok i reinstalled everything EXACTLY per your directions.   Here is a link before editing anything...


    No idea whats going on at the top part.

    In addition to that this is what i am looking at when I try to edit the theme.  See attached jpg.  I have no idea what i am looking at here.  I have never seen this in any of the other templates.   I am not an advanced computer programmer and thats why I bought this template THINKING it would be an easy edit directly onto the template.  I had no idea I would be trying to figure out coding just to get it to work.

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    Barry replied

    It looks like some widgets are added to the header topbar that don't belong there. If you would like me to fix this I can do that but I need a login to the website.

    If not, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets

    2. At the right side of the screen you will find 2 panels called "Topbar - Left Side" and "Topbar - Right Side"

    3. Remove all widgets from both these panels ( see screenshot1 attachment).

    4. Now navigate to the Pages tab and edit the "Home" page

    5. At the right side you will see the "Page Attributres" metabox. In that box you will see the "Template" select field. Set this field to "Front Page Slider" (see screenshot2 attachment).

    6. Save the page

    Now everything should display properly.

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    Best regards,

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    Barry replied

    Regarding editing the page:

    This is the page builder grid of the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin, which we're using in the theme to build up the pages. All of these "blocks" are elements which can be edited if you hover them and press the "edit" link on top if it (see screenshot 1). 

    Then a modal will pop up where you can edit the content of that specific element (see screenshot 2). You don't have to know code or use any coding to edit these pages.

    If you prefer to edit the page in a live preview screen you can click on the "Live Editor" button above this grid (see screenshot live editor).

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    Best regards,