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Beaver Builder


  • nkjames started the conversation

    Hi there!

    Beaver builder does not seem to be working on any of the pages when I try to edit them using the tool. I don't see any of the edit boxes for drag and drop as I should.

    Can you also tell me about the .psd file included with the theme?

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    Barry replied

    Hi there,

    The Beaver Builder plugin does not come with the theme or is actually used by the theme. I recommend to deactivate this page builder and activate the SiteOrigin Page Builder, this is the page builder plugin that the theme use.

    If you do want to keep using the Beaver Builder plugin deactivate the SiteOrigin Page Builder and create a new page from scratch then the plugin should work. Please note that we do not provide any support for the Beaver Builder plugin because, as described above, this plugin is not coming with the theme.

    Best regards,