WPML translate customizer fields

Fields from the theme customizer need to be selected from the admin string translation page to enable translations for WPML. 

First please make sure you've got the WPML plugin and the WPML String Translation plugins installed and activated. 

In the steps below we are going to make the 'featured button' translatable for WPML. If you need other fields from the Theme Options panel in the customizer translatable only change step 3 to the specific field.

1. Navigate to WPML -> String Translations and click "Translate texts in admin screens" text link at the very bottom of the page

2. Scroll to the '+ theme_mods_physio-qt' link and click on it

3. Check the checkboxes of featured_button_text and featured_button_url and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Apply button (please wait till you see the success message)

4. Navigate back to WPML -> String Translations

5. You will find 2 new rows in the table named admin_texts_theme_mods_physio-qt. If you don't see them in the list click on the 'All Domains' select field and select  them from there

6. If you click on the translations link of each the translation fields will appear where you can add your translations.