My contact form is not working

When the contact form doesn't send the message or you don't receive any messages in your inbox please check the following things:

1.  Navigate to Contact > Edit your form > Mail
2. Add your email address in the To and From fields. Please add with the symbols like in the image below:

If the email address is correctly added but you still don't receive any message from the contact form it is most likely the mail server of your hosting which is not responding correctly. This is a common issue with WordPress and can easily be fixed by installing the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin navigate to Settings > Email and fill in the following settings:

- SMTP Host
- SMTP Port
- Email address username
- Email address password

You can find the SMTP host and port details in the email you received from your hosting provider when you registered the domain/hosting.

If you still experience issues please open a support ticket and we're happy to help you.