Change fonts of Physio theme

In theme version 1.4 a new panel 'Typography' is added to the theme customizer. This panel can be found via Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Typography. 

If you want to target specific element or have more typography controls we recommend to install the the Easy Google Fonts plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin it will add a Typography panel to Appearance > Customize. In that panel you can change the headings and content font of the theme.

To change the font of the navigation or call to action banner you need to set up a font control for it. Please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Google Fonts
2. Create a font control. For each font control please enter a reference name, css class and click the force style overwrite checkbox. Below you can find the CSS classes for custom elements:

    - Enter the name 'Navigation'
    - Add CSS class: .main-navigation li a

    Call to action title
    - Enter the name 'Call to action title'
    - Add CSS class: .call-to-action .call-to-action--content .call-to-action--title

    Icon boxes
    - Enter the name 'Icon box title'
    - Add CSS class: .content-area .icon-box--title

    Testimonial author name
   - Enter the name 'Testimonial author title'
    - Add CSS class: .testimonials .testimonial--author

3. Please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Typograpghy. You will see 2 panels. In the 'Default Typography' panel you can change the content headings and fonts. In the 'Theme Typography' you will find your custom font controls.