Change fonts of Physio theme

In the theme customizer you can change the fonts of the theme. The options can be found via Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Typography

If you want to target elements specifically or need more advanced typographic controls please install the Easy Google Fonts plugin.

The plugin will add a Typography panel to the root of the customizer (Appearance > Customize). Here you can change the font for headings and content of the theme.

To change the font for specific elements in the theme you need to setup 'custom font controls'. To do this please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Google Fonts
2. Create a font control. For each font control please enter a reference name, CSS class and click the 'force style' overwrite checkbox. Below you can find the CSS classes for custom elements:

    - Enter the name 'Navigation'
    - Add CSS class .main-navigation li a

    Call to action title
    - Enter the name 'Call to action title'
    - Add CSS class .call-to-action .call-to-action--content .call-to-action--title

    Icon box title
    - Enter the name 'Icon box title'
    - Add CSS class .content-area .icon-box--title

    Testimonial author name
   - Enter the name 'Testimonial author title'
    - Add CSS class .testimonials .testimonial--author

    Page header title
   - Enter the name 'Page header title'
    - Add CSS class .page-header--title

    Page header subtitle
   - Enter the name 'Page header subtitle'
    - Add CSS class .page-header--subtitle

3. Please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Typograpghy. You will see 2 panels. In the 'Default Typography' panel you can change the content headings and fonts. In the 'Theme Typography' you will find your custom font controls.