Create alternative menu in page sidebar

By default the service pages use the same page sidebar and menu. In some cases, for example if you have a lot of services to display, you want to use alternative menus on some pages. You can do that by following these steps:

First make sure to set the default sidebar under Settings -> Reading by selecting the "Page Sidebar" at the "Default Sidebar" setting.

1. Create a new menu

  • Go to Appearance -> Menus
  • Click the "Create a new menu" link":


  • Enter a logical name for this menu
  • Add the links your would like to show in this menu
  • Save the menu

2. Create a new sidebar location for a page

  • Go the the "Pages" admin tab
  • Edit the page where you want to show the different sidebar menu
  • On the right side at the sidebar field click on "Enter New":

  • Enter a logical name for this sidebar, or the same you've used for the menu
  • Click the "Update" button below the field
  • Save the page

If you want to display this same custom page sidebar on another page you don't have to create a new one. You can simple choose the already created custom sidebar from the dropdown field above the "enter new" link.

3. Assign the menu to this new sidebar location

  • Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  • Add a "Navigation" widget to the new created sidebar panel
  • Edit the navigation widget and select your new created menu from the dropdown field.

Now your new menu should be displayed in the sidebar of the page.