Increase the page speed of my WordPress website

To increase the page speed of your WordPress website there are some standard things you can do.

1. Hosting

Hosting is a really important key in the page speed of your website. If you run WordPress on a small shared hosting package it's fine and the theme will fully work but it won't be blazing fast, simply because the resources of shared hosting are limited. If you want a good and fast hosting package we recommend to purchase (managed) VPS hosting.

2. Caching plugin

It's recommend to install a caching plugin for your website. The WP Fastest Cache plugin give the best result for our themes.

After installing navigate to the WP Fastest Cache tab in the admin menu and enable the following settings:

- Caching
- Gzip
- Browser caching
- Delete cache on update post/page

Best is to activate this plugin when you've finished building your website.

3. Scale and compress images

Please make sure you scale and compress images to reduce the size which will result in a faster loading time. You can scale image with an image editor program or with online tools like Pictureresize

To compress images please use the online Compressor.io tool or install a plugin like Smush Image.

4. Limit the amount of content

Please consider the amount and type of content you add to your website. If you add a lot of large and heavy images (see point 3 for this) your page speed and Google Insights score will drop drastically.

Also adding things like a YouTube video or a Google Maps will also slow down the page speed because a lot of extra scripts from these services will be loaded on your website. Only add content that is really necessary for your website.

5. Limit the amount of plugins

Only use the plugins you really need on your website and don't install too many plugins. If you don't need a plugin simple deactivate and delete it from your website.

If you have plugins activated but you're not using them it is still possible that files from these plugins are loaded to your website which will slow down the page speed of your website.

Please note that the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin is required for our themes.